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     Phone service for loved one

Easy to install and works with
their favorite home phone.

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Caregiver app for Apple and Android

Monitor calls, set quiet hours and more for your loved one via caregiver mobile app.

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teleCalm brings your loved one peace of mind

Live Caller Dashboard

Only approved callers ring through to your loved one’s home phone. Strangers are immediately sent to voicemail.

Quiet Hours

Our phone service reminds your loved one that they are calling during night time hours. You set custom quiet hours and provide a friendly message to call in the morning.

Alert Notifications

Receive notifications when someone leaves a voicemail for your loved one. Set custom notifications for specific callers.

Call History

The teleCalm app provides a complete call history for approved contacts, blocked callers, and strangers. Knowwho’s calling your loved one at any time.

Voicemail Retrieval

Calls from unknown contacts are immediately sent to voicemail. Caregivers are able to listen to voicemails directly from the Caregiver app.

Personalized Recordings

Custom record personalized messages for your loved one’s phone system, including Quiet Hours reminders and voicemail messages for unknown callers.