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Phone service for loved one

Easy to install and works with
their favorite home phone.

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Caregiver app for Smartphone

Monitor calls, set quiet hours and more for your loved one via caregiver mobile app.

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teleCalm brings your loved one peace of mind


Blocks Unwanted Calls

Telemarketers and scammers specialize in taking advantage of our loved ones. The most popular include Lotteries, Technical Support, and IRS scam calls. 

With the teleCalm app, the caregiver can create an Approved List of friends, family and other trusted people that need to call your loved one. All other callers are blocked.

This isn’t one of those ineffective “Do Not Call lists”.  This method of call blocking is guaranteed. 


Let’s You Sleep

Loved ones often call in the middle of the night, thinking its daytime. Confusing day from night is a common symptom of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

But, knowing this doesn’t help you get a good night’s sleep.

The teleCalm Quiet Hours feature will remind your loved one of the late night call. The message will be in your own voice. Naturally, there’s an emergency override.


Restricts Outgoing Calls (Compulsive Shopping)

Shopping channels promote their products 24 x 7 with annual sales of billions. Our loved ones are easy prey.

The teleCalm app allows the caregiver to define an Approved List of phone numbers the loved one is allowed to call.

This can be the same list as Incoming Calls or it could be different.  Calls to the shopping channels are eliminated.


Solves Phone Challenges

Seniors report issues with smartphones and other cell phones; buttons are too small, menus too complex, cell phones are easily lost.

The teleCalm home phone service allows the loved one to use any landline phone they desire, even an older generation phone they preferred years ago.